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Robust Design

For the modern industry practice, a best design of any product aims to shift resources to the creative design process rather than relying on inspection to ensure quality. A quality characteristic is identified, and quality is achieved by minimizing deviation from its target rather than mere conformance to specification. To achieve these purposes, a Robust design is then defined as

A Design is Robust When the Product Performance is minimum sensitive to:

  • Material Variation

  • Manufacturing Variation

  • Operation Variation

The Robust Design has minimal standard deviation of limit state function. The minimal variation means the highest reliability. This is illustrated in the following figure.

Figure 1. The Robust Design reaches the highest reliability


Input of Robust Design:

  • Definition of random variables

  • Definition of the limit-state function

Typical Output of Robust Design:

  • The first order derivative of limit state function at Robust point

  • Robust point



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